Party games we all play that are basically an excuse to flirt and hopefully bang

When going out to party most people usually leave the house with the hope that they wonít be returning alone. While going out and staying somewhat sober the other night, I noticed something quite interesting about party games. They are all literally an excuse to flirt. Whether youíre aiming for a long term thing or a one-night stand, playing a drinking game with them is basically an excuse to try to get them interested in you ñ and potentially fooling around with your genitals later.

We all do this, itís only natural to try to force someone we find attractive into interacting with us whilst hoping they somehow find us interesting. It seems that while playing most party games we all are secretly trying to impress the other players, so much so that theyíll hopefully sleep with us.

Hereís a list of party games we all play that we use as another way to flirt with people who very well may be entirely out of our league:

1. Truth or Dare
DUH. This game is one of the most sexual games of all time. Letís be honest here. Games of truth or dare always have a way of escalating incredibly fast. Dares especially go from zero to sixty real fast. Seriously, one-second youíre tasked with licking someoneís foot and the next youíre dared to whip your dick out.

But weíre all secretly hoping we get dared to make out with the hottest person in the circle. While playing we would kill to have a moment like that one in Perks of Being a Wallflower where the main character is dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. Then you could finally make your move.

2. Never Have I Ever
Ah another game that centers around oversharing. This is where you secretly hope youíll be able to let your freak flag fly so that you can impress the hot dude with all the tattoos and piercings with your endless tales of sexual promiscuity.
This game is all fun and flirtation until you get targeted by some of your friends and youíre forced to own up to your most embarrassing moments.

3. Beer Pong
This game definitely doesnít seem like the obvious choice for getting your flirt on, however if used to your advantage partnerships and rivalries can really boost your game.
If you end up getting partnered with your crush ñ or at least your crush for the night ñ you have a chance to bond and charm them. If you end up on the opposite team you have a chance to impress them with your impressive aim, destroy them, and assert yourself as the top choice for mating.

4. Poker
Again, this in another game that is seemingly harmless unless youíre betting real money, then youíre screwed. But if you think about it, as soon as thereís members of the opposite sex involved the entire game becomes about masculinity and sexuality.
The girls are trying their hardest to maintain a sexy pout while trying to read your drunk ass poker face, while the guys are trying their hardest to win and assert their dominance as the smartest of the group.

But let’s be honest, if you’re at home alone you might want to play sex games at home like call of booty  – Maybe it’s not all fun and games after all.