5 Sex games to play with your partner

Everyone could use a little spice in their sex life. I mean after a while the same-old thing starts to get awfully boring. You could always try to add in a third or sleep with other people, but not everyone is entirely okay with that idea. Donít get frustrated and start aching for the single life. Instead, try to spice things up in the bedroom by playing sexy games with your lover! Not only will you find yourself extremely satisfied with your sex life once again, but youíll explore your own sexuality and learn of sexual tastes you didnít know you or your partner had to begin with.

1. Truth or Dare
This might seem like an obvious choice, but there was a reason you used to play this game at every high school party you went to! Thereís no better way to get your blood pumping than to step outside of your comfort zone, both by revealing things about yourself and by performing dares you wouldnít otherwise dare do. If you need a little help with ideas for questions and dares just do a google search!

2. Sex bomb
Have you been neglecting foreplay lately? Than this game is definitely for you. It basically gives you an excuse to keep foreplay going for as long as you want. Set a timer for however long you want to abstain from doing the deed. Then go at it, but donít go all the way until time is up! Studies show that basically everyone wants foreplay to last longer, so why not make it last?!

3. I’ve been bad
If youíre looking for a game with a little bit of S&M flavor, then I suggest trying this one out. Have your partner bend you over and then recount everything that you did that day that was wrong or particularly naughty. After each thing you say your partner will spank you with either the back of a hair brush, a ruler, or their hand. This is definitely a fun way to get kinky in bed.

4. Too hot
This game is all about self-control, or lack thereof. The goal is to kiss your partner passionately while keeping your hands to yourself. The first one to break this rule is the loser and is at the mercy of a sexy request from the other. This game will create so much sexual tension between the two it will become virtually unbearable. Though itíll cost you the game to break it and touch your partner it might just be totally worth it.

5. All out pillow war
Though you might think pillow fights are reserved for scantily clad sorority girls in clichÈ movies, they can be quite sexy for you and your partner. Go to town smacking each other with pillows and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with battling for victory over your lover. The first one to surrender is again at the mercy of a sexual request from the other.

For those of you in a sexual slump, all is not lost. Try out one of these games in the bedroom and youíll be sure to reignite a spark between you and your lover.

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