Why Girls Who Game are the Best

I think that itís a widely accepted fact that most men play video games. It doesnít matter if youíre a gym-going frat boy, a basement-dwelling nerd, or a well-adjusted thirty-year-old. You have, currently do, or will eventually play some sort of video game. Women, on the other hand, are often considered weird or too nerdy if they even go as far as to admit that they game. Surprise! Girls who game arenít that uncommon.

A lot of women donít game and never will since they are far more interested in other things, which is perfectly okay. However, a lot of women will feign disinterest in gaming as to maintain the faÁade of pure femininity.

So if a girl tells you that she likes to game you shouldnít help perpetuate the stereotype that gaming is not feminine by immediately thinking sheís a basement creature. Instead, embrace her nerdiness! Because letís be honest, basically every guy games. Why not date a girl who is ready to admit that she likes to game just like almost everyone else on the planet?

Here are a couple reasons why a girl-who-games is the best kind of girl to date:

1. She’ll play Co-Op with you
If you donít have a lot of buddies who are into the same kinds of games as you than you might be in need of a buddy. What better gaming partner than your girlfriend? If youíre short a player on your favorite MOBA, guess who can step in? She can! You already gel on a romantic and physical level, why not expand your partnership into the realm of WoW?

2. She’ll play against you
Tired of playing with foul mouthed thirteen-year-olds on CoD? Need a break from the verbal abusive trolls within the gaming community? Perfect. Play a FPS against your girlfriend. Try to kick her ass in Mario Kart (I mean if you canÖ). The best part about playing against your partner is the friendly ñ not to mention sexually charged ñ competition that ensues. Sure you might find her to be just as foul mouthed as those assholes on Xbox Live, but youíll go from spouting insults to compliments as soon as you power down your console of choice.

3. She’ll defend your honor when it comes to trolls
If and when you find yourself getting verbally abused by player ñ who could very well be fourteen or forty-five, thereís no real way of telling ñ sheíll fire right back in your defense. There is nothing cuter, and funnier, than listening to your girl go in on some troll over her mic.

4. She understands your obsession
The best part about girls-who-game is that they understand why videogames are so damn entertaining. Sheíll understand why you drop off the face of the earth after the next installment of your favorite franchise comes out. Better yet, she might partake in binging on the newest games with you! You wonít have to face judgement for doing something you love and she will love you more for loving her nerdy side.

Check out the video below to learn more!